Connecticut Car Rental and Connecticut Overview

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern United States in what is often called New England. It is part of the tri-state area that includes New York and New Jersey. When you visit with your Connecticut car rental you will find that there is a lot to do here, but there are also a lot of places to escape from the every day hectic life.

What you can expect

Connecticut is bordered by the Long Island Sound, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It's central location means that with your Connecticut car rental you are able to visit many area attractions, regardless of which state they are in.

The biggest and most well-known cities in the state are Hartford and New Haven. But there are a variety of other small cities and towns. When you come to Connecticut with your Connecticut car rental, you can look for the little bed and breakfasts or you can stay in the city, which ever you prefer. Connecticut is a large state and has a variety of regions. There are the wealthy estates of the Gold Coast, rolling mountains, and horse farms. There is also a sharp contrast that you may notice as you drive through the state with your Connecticut car rental/. There are a lot of rural areas in the north part of the state and industrial areas along the highways that connect to New York.

Step back into the past

The first Europeans to explore the area that is now Connecticut were the Dutch, as you may learn when you are here with your Connecticut car rental. Dutch fur traders sailed up the Connecticut River and established a fur-trading post at what is now near Hartford in 1614. The English came to the area around 1633 and established some important settlements in the area.

What's your choice?

There are five main regions that you can choose to visit while you are here with your Connecticut car rental. There is Fairfield in the southwest region, which is a coastal region with beautiful marinas and upscale shopping. Here you can visit America's first chateau, the Maritime Aquarium, the Beardsley Zoo, or historic lighthouses in Norwalk. Hartford and the central region is the second place to visit with your Connecticut car rental. Since Hartford is the state capital, there is much to see here. In the central region, there are some remarkable historic buildings, art museums, the Mark Twain Museum, Gillette Castle, the Opera House, and much more. Litchfield in the northwest region will show you what life in a New England village is like. Mystic in the eastern region will make the 19th century come to life, or you can explore the modern casinos they have. Finally, there is New Haven in the south central region, where you will find everything from fine art to outlet shopping.

Connecticut has something to offer everyone. There are big cities and small towns across the state. Plus, it is close enough to New York to make it within a couple hours during your visit, but you can have a New England experience while you are here.