Delaware Car Rental and Delaware Overview

Delaware is one of the Middle Atlantic States. Sometimes called the "First State", it is the second smallest state in the Union and is bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and the Atlantic Ocean. This small state is a great place to visit with your Delaware car rental.

Hostile takeover

As you may learn while you are here with your Delaware car rental, the Dutch were the first Europeans to colonize the land here by establishing a trading post in 1631. Within a year, all of the settlers were killed in a dispute with the Native Americans. A few years later, the Swedish set up a trading post here, which lasted until the British removed them from the area.

When the American Revolution broke out, Delaware was initially not very interested in separating from the United States. The citizens had a good relationship with the local government, but the territory was also very dependent on Pennsylvania for its success. Delaware was very hesitant in voting for independence, but once the Declaration of Independence was adopted, Delaware was fully supportive, as you will learn while you are here with your Delaware car rental. Following the American Revolution, Delaware was the first state to accept the new constitution, hence its name as the "First State".

Why you need to come see it

Delaware is a small, but important state. When you come here with your Delaware car rental you are getting arts and culture, history, sports and gaming, and outdoor recreation.

Fort Delaware is a great place to stop with your Delaware car rental in Delaware City. This is a Civil War era fortress and prison for more than 30,000 Confederate, Federal and political prisoners. There is a living history program in place here with interpreters in period attire and demonstrating cooking, war, and life in the area.

Delaware also boasts an impressive Museum of Natural History with life-sized dinosaurs, a Great Barrier Reef, butterfly garden, and African watering hole. Located in Wilmington, you can also discover one of the best-known towns in the state with your Delaware car rental.

In terms of sports, Delaware has everything from college sports to professional teams. There are also opportunities for you to get involved and do some of the activities you enjoy most. Golf, kayaking, and skating are popular pastimes here for you to explore with your Delaware car rental.

Visiting Delaware with your Delaware car rental can be a lot of fun and is a different experience from some of the larger states that surround it in the area. Rather then spending your whole trip driving across a state, you can stay in a central location since Delaware is fairly small.