Virginia Car Rental and Front Royal, VA

Welcome to the Canoe Capital of Virginia! Front Royal is an excellent destination to visit with your Virginia car rental when you are looking for fun outdoor activities, sensational views, and quaint shopping. Located in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia, these 9.1 square miles have a lot to keep you busy while still conveniently located near Washington and Baltimore with your Virginia car rental.

Get bent out of shape in “Helltown”

Front Royal was originally called LeHewton after a French Huguenot who purchased a large amount of land in the area in 1754. It was later purchased by a group of real estate speculators who arranged to have the area incorporated into a town named Front Royal in 1788. During this period, the area was known as “Helltown” because residents were said to have started many fights due to the number of mountaineers who came to the town looking for alcohol and women. Rail service connected the area in 1854 with the rest of the state. By the Civil War, this was an important battlefield. Afterwards, lumber, agriculture, manufacturing, and mills provided decades of employment.

Drive through the battleground

Front Royal was an important part of the Civil War and there is a driving tour that you can enjoy with your Virginia car rental. While you are here you can learn more about the history of the war in this region.

Another stop you will want to be sure to make with your Virginia car rental is on Main Street. Stop by the Visitor’s Center at the old train station on Main Street for a brochure of local attractions. Every season there is a special event going on in the town. In the spring you can enjoy the “Virginia Wine/Craft Festival”, “Gazebo Gatherings” in the summer, “Festival of Leaves” in the fall, and “Home for the Holidays” in the winter.

Float away

There are many outdoor activities for you to visit with your Virginia car rental while you are in Front Royal. There are two companies that will sweep you off your feet in a hot air balloon ride. This will give you a bird’s eye view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley below. This is an experience for the whole family that is not to be missed.

Front Royal is also known for its excellent canoeing. If you are a water enthusiast, get out on the water for the day on the Shenandoah River. You might also want to try tubing, kayaking, or rafting along the river as well for a day in the sun.

Front Royal is known as the canoe capital of Virginia, but there is a lot more to this town than just that! There are hot air balloon rides, historic Civil War battle sites, shopping, and much more for you to experience here.