Indiana Car Rental and Indiana Overview

Indiana was the 19th state, located in the Midwest region of the United States. This is a diverse state with a few large urban centers and a number of smaller industrial cities, which you may notice when you visit with your Indiana car rental.

Where am I?

Indiana is bordered by Lake Michigan, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. It is best looked at in regions since it is such a large state. While traveling here with your Indiana car rental, you will want to pick out a few areas that really interest you.

The northwest corner of the state is part of the metropolitan area of Chicago and is densely populated, although the city is in a different state. When you visit this area with your Indiana car rental it is only a short drive across the border. Another feature of the northwest part of the state is that it lies on Lake Michigan. When you visit in the summer with your Indiana car rental you can stay at some of the lakefront resorts in the area.

Central Indiana is where you can find the capital of Indianapolis with your Indiana car rental. It is most famous for holding the Indianapolis 500 every year. It also features six official cultural districts, a number of festivals, a variety of state parks, and many professional sports teams. Other interesting places to visit with your Indiana car rental include the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the Art Museum, Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, Holcomb Gardens, and the Irvington Historic District.

Southern Indiana is a mixture of farmland and forest. Here you will find the Hoosier National Forest with your Indiana car rental, which is a 200,000 acre nature preserve.

Build your own adventure and step back thousands of years

Along the Ohio River you will find a very interesting National Historic Landmark. Angel Mounds State Historic Site is the location of one of the best preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the United States. It was once the home to the people of Middle Mississippian culture, who hunted and farmed on the lands of the Ohio River. This was the regional center of a large community that stretched for miles and miles.

Wonder what a Hoosier is?

Indiana is a unique state to visit with your Indiana car rental. Many people often refer to the term Hoosier not really knowing what it means. The term is deeply rooted in the history of the state and has come to refer to a person from Indiana. Some famous people coming from the area include David Letterman, Florence Henderson, Garfield, Janet Jackson, Jeff Gordon, Larry Bird, Benjamin Harrison, Michael Jackson, and the Wright Brothers.

Visiting the area with your Indiana car rental is great because there is so much variety in the state. There are professional sports teams, ancient historic sites, museums, rural get always, and urban centers.