Maryland Car Rental and Maryland Overview

Maryland is a Mid-Atlantic/Southern State located on the East Coast. It was the seventh state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and is unique because it has characteristics of both northern and southern states. In general, the rural areas are more like the South and the urban and central areas are more like the north. In recent years, Maryland has become a life sciences hub for the nation, which you might notice while you are here with your Maryland car rental.

Visit America in a week

When you visit the state with your Maryland car rental, you may hear that it is sometimes called "America in Miniature". This is because it has sandy dunes with sea grass in the east, low marshlands near the bay, rolling hills of oak forest in the Piedmont Region, and mountains in the west. The state is surrounded by Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean. The state also borders Washington DC, which was originally part of the state. When you come with your Maryland car rental you will want to pack for a variety of weather, because depending on where you are in the state, the weather can vary to a great degree.

Step back in time

In 1629 George Calvert applied to make the area of Maryland a province of the English crown under Charles I. Calvert wanted to establish a Catholic colony in the New World. He died only a few years later, but the province was granted to his son. Settlers who came to the area were predominantly Roman Catholic, making it one of the few settlements in the British Empire which was predominantly Catholic. Thousands of British convicts were also sent to Maryland.

You may learn while you are here with your Maryland car rental that the Mason-Dixon line comes from a dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland based on an incorrect map. The map in the Royal Charter accidentally gave Maryland part of the city of Philadelphia within Maryland. The Calvert family, which controlled Maryland, and the Penn family, which controlled Pennsylvania asked two surveyors to survey the land. The Mason-Dixon line was established between 1763 and 1767, and it would later be used as the diving line between the north and the south.

Maryland was part of the thirteen colonies that rebelled in the American Revolution and was the 13th state to approve the ratification of the Articles of Confederation. It was the seventh state to be admitted to the union. George Washington selected some of the land here to be ceded to establish the area for the federal government. Although there was a lot of support for the Confederate states during the war, the state never officially ceded.

When you visit the state with your Maryland car rental, you will want to visit Baltimore, which is where most of the population is concentrated. There is a large concentration of government bureaus located here because of the close proximity to the capital as well.