New York Car Rental and New York State

There's no place quite like New York State. From the majestic mountains and pastoral farmlands to the thriving metropolises and charming towns, New York State is one of America's most diverse areas. Jam-packed with history and culture, New York State provides Sensible/Affordable New York Car Rental customers with access to hundreds of unique attractions and endless amounts of entertainment. No East Coast adventure would be complete without a visit to the Empire State, so grab some friends and get ready. A million memories are waiting for you in New York State.

Quirky New York facts

A handful of items can be recognized as uniquely New York. These include:

  • The State Fruit: Apple. Introduced during the 1600's by European settlers, the apple is now one of New York States most recognizable crops.
  • The State Tree: Sugar Maple. The sugar maple is harvested in New York for both its sweet, sugary sap and its wood. New York car rental customers can distinguish this tree by its heavy crown of brilliant autumn leaves.
  • The State Flower: Rose. The rose was made New York State's flower in 1955. Roses are believed to be the most popular flower in the world, with over 150 species available.
  • The State Animal: Beaver. Beaver pelts were extremely important during colonial times in New York State. In fact, beaver pelts were once the most important items of trade in what is now the state's capital - Albany.
  • The State Fish: Trout. New York car rental customers can easily snag a state fish in any one of the hundreds of lakes and pounds in and around the Adirondack Mountains, and throughout the state's cool, clear streams.
  • The State Bird: Bluebird. This beautiful bird was once a stable of New York State life. Unfortunately, the Bluebird is now suffering from the loss of natural habitat. Numbers have slowly started to increase over the past decade though, thanks to the increased popularity of special nesting boxes.
New York State also has a State Song ("I Love New York"), a State Muffin (the apple muffin), a State Gem (the garnet) and a State Fossil (the sea scorpion).

The opportunities are endless in New York State

New York State is currently home to 62 counties, 62 cities, 553 villages and 932 towns. The largest cities in New York State include New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. Every city, village and town offers customers of Sensible/Affordable New York Car Rentals a unique mix of tourism, culture and recreation. From the Broadway shows of the Big Apple, to the beautiful forests of the Thousand Islands Regions, there's something for everyone in New York State.

The seasons of New York State

There are four distinct seasons in New York State - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. This diversity of weather provides New York car rental customers with plenty of exciting outdoor activities. From skiing and snowboarding at the 50 area resorts, to boating and swimming in the dozens of lakes and neighboring ocean, there's always something fun to do in New York State. The spring and fall months are absolutely beautiful in New York State, thanks to the area's diverse plant and wildlife. Vibrant colors stretch as far as the eye can see during these periods, while tantalizing smells permeate New York car rental windows. Every region of New York State boasts natural beauty and a multitude of things to do, so don't delay. Plan to discover this wonderful tourist state today.

It would be impossible to tell Sensible/Affordable New York Car Rental customers everything about New York State on this one little webpage. That sort of information would take a gigantic website database. Well, lucky for us, such a site already exists! Customers of Sensible/Affordable New York Car Rental are encouraged to surf on over to the official New York State Tourism website at to learn more about the unique attractions and opportunities waiting in New York State. Tourists can also contact the New York State Tourism Bureau by calling 1-800-CALL-NYS.