Rhode Island Car Rental and Rhode Island

If you haven't discovered Rhode Island yet, now is definitely the time. The state of Rhode Island is an exciting destination for all sorts of leisure opportunities, including everything from sailing to horseback riding Located in the heart of America's New England district, Rhode Island offers vacationers urban excitement, natural tranquility and rural beauty. Oh, and don't forget about the 400 miles of dazzling coastline. Rhode Island is definitely worth visiting as a part of your New England vacation experience, so don't miss the boat. Start planning a Rhode Island car rental trip today.

This little Island is home to a lot of fun

The state of Rhode Island is perfectly suited for weekend vacations thanks to its size and convenient location. With a length of 48 miles and a width of 37 miles, Rhode Island allows you to pack plenty of punch into your vacation itinerary. Rhode Island car rental customers can also travel to places like Boston, Massachusetts, New York City and Montreal, Canada in just a few hours time. Rhode Island has long been considered to jewel of New England, so don't miss your chance to see it for yourself.

The Ocean State's different regions

As small as Rhode Island is, this state is still divided into seven distinct areas. These include South Country, Warwick, Providence, Newport, East Bay, Block Island and Blackstone Valley. Each of these regions boasts a unique mix of industries, entertainment, accommodations and institutions. Practically all of them boast beautiful views of the surrounding coastline, as well as direct routes to local city centers. Rhode Island car rental customers can easily visit the sandy beaches of South County in the morning, only to book a room at a B&B in East Bay later that very afternoon. Convenience is key on Rhode Island, so why spend another vacation stressed out? Visit Rhode Island and see how easy vacationing can be.

And today's forecast is...

The state of Rhode Island enjoys a relatively temperate climate, allowing for four distinct seasons. If you're planning on taking a summer road trip on your Rhode Island car rental rent-a-car, Sensible/Affordable recommends hitting the pavement between the months of April and October. This is the warmest time of year on the Island. Temperatures begin to fall in mid-September, as the trees begin to take on their autumn colors. The first measurable snowfall normally hits Rhode Island in late November. Freezing temperatures are common from the beginning of December until mid-March. Rhode Island car rental customers will find that the largest quantities of snow fall in January and February. This snow hardly ever stays on the ground for long though.

Explore Rhode Island with a Heritage Trail

Do you want to pack as much culture as possible into your upcoming Rhode Island car rentals vacation? If so, simply hop on a Rhode Island Heritage Trail. These unique tourists trails were designed specifically to help visitors discover the state's unique cultural and history. There are currently 14 different trails in Rhode Island, providing travelers with an in-depth look at everything from local festivals to historic inns and restaurants. No trip to Rhode Island would be complete without a trip down one of these historic trails, so grab some friends and get ready for a fun afternoon of exploration.

Get the lowdown on Rhode Island

If you're interested in learning more about Rhode Island before embarking on your upcoming vacation, please feel free to log onto the state's official travel and tourism website at www.visitrhodeisland.com. Rhode Island car rental customers can also stop in at the Rhode Island Welcome Center for more information. Located on I-95 north in Richmond, this visitors' center is open seven days a week all year round. Rhode Island car rental customers can also contact the Rhode Island Tourism Division by calling toll free 1-800-556-2484.

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