South Carolina Car Rental and South Carolina

Are you looking to take a vacation somewhere warm and wonderful? Well, why not take a look at South Carolina? A vacation to this wonderful destination will do you a world of good, thanks to hundreds of unique attractions, accommodations and amenities. One of the original American colonies, South Carolina provides visitors with a rich mix of European, African and Caribbean cultures. And who could forget about the shimmering beaches and scenic mountains. More than your average vacation destination, the state of South Carolina provides visitors with unlimited action, adventure and innovation. So what are you waiting for? You deserve a vacation in South Carolina.

Find answers to all your South Carolina travel questions

South Carolina car rental travelers are often plagued with dozens of annoying little questions. Like, where can I stop to eat? What hotels are in this area? Am I even on the right highway?! If you find yourself plagued by questions like these during your upcoming South Carolina car rental vacation, don't worry - simply stop at a Visitor Center or Welcome Center for answers. Both the Welcome Centers and Visitor Centers are staffed by certified travel counselors and local residents trained to help South Carolina travelers make the most of their vacation experience. Everything from traffic information to hotel reservations is available at these unique travel centers, so don't be afraid to stop in for a little help during your upcoming vacation. You're sure to save yourself a huge headache if you do.

South Carolina is the place to get Wet and Wild

The state of South Carolina is divided into three major areas; Waterfalls & Whitewater to the north, Lakes and Blackwater Rivers in the center and Islands & Coast to the east. All three of these areas have one thing in common - water. South Carolina is sometimes described as the nation's water sport capital, and it isn't hard to see why. South Carolina car rental travelers can take part in everything from whitewater rafting to snorkeling in South Carolina, making it a wonderfully wet vacation destination. Beach resorts are plentiful in all three regions, as are family attractions, amazing natural wonders and popular waterside accommodations.

Enjoy the outdoors in South Carolina

South Carolina car rental customers are encouraged to get out and enjoy the sunshine during their upcoming visit to the state, thanks to the area's beautiful Mediterranean climate. Hundreds of fantastic historic sites, cultural attractions and state parks are located throughout the South Carolina countryside, not to mention the golf courses and beaches. Fishing, hiking, boating and kayaking are also popular recreational activities in South Carolina, providing visitors with a plethora of things to enjoy outdoors.

Stay inside for something different

If you can manage to tear yourself away from the sunny streets of South Carolina, Sensible/Affordable South Carolina Car Rental highly recommends visiting any one of the state's magnificent museums. These award-winning institutions deal with everything from natural history to railroad construction, ensuring that all members of your vacation crew are entertained. South Carolina is also home to its fair share of restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centers, providing South Carolina car rental travelers with plenty of relaxing retail therapy.

South Carolina is full of beautiful vacation destinations. If you would like to learn more about this vibrant state before embarking on your upcoming South Carolina car rental vacation, simply log onto the official South Carolina tourism website at South Carolina car rental customers can also have their questions answered by calling toll free 1-866-224-9339. The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism maintain the Discover South Carolina website. South Carolina car rental customers are welcome to stop by the department's offices at 1205 Pendleton Street in Columbia.