Vermont Car Rental and Vermont Overview

When you think of extreme snow sports like snowboarding or snowblading, chances are good that the state of Vermont comes to mind as well. That's because Vermont is one of the nation's best winter vacation destinations. But did you know that Vermont is also a hot spot during the warmer months of spring, summer and autumn? Vermont car rental customers get the best of both worlds when they decide to holiday in this exciting state, so why limit yourself on an upcoming vacation? Vermont is vibrant all year round, so grab some friends and get ready to embark on an awesome road trip adventure.

From blizzards to balmy sunshine: Vermont has it all

he state of Vermont enjoys four distinct seasons. These seasons unfold differently depending on the region of Vermont you're in. Temperatures in northern Vermont can often vary drastically from temperatures in southern Vermont, so don't forget to check the forecast before embarking on a Vermont car rental road trip. As different as the regions are, snow does still fall in all regions of Vermont, while the sun still manages to shine during the summertime months.

A state of small towns

The state of Vermont is very much a localized sort of vacation destination. Instead of supporting dozens of urban centers, Vermont prefers to keep things small, hosting hundreds of unique towns, villages and municipalities. These quaint little tourist junctures provide Vermont Car Rental customers with an up-close look at local color, including regional traditions, celebrations and festivals. All in all, there are 11 different regions in Vermont, each boasting its own collection of small town attractions and amenities. The table below lists the region as well as the primary towns that are located within them.

  • Islands and Farms North Hero and St. Albans
  • Stowe/Smugglers' Notch Morrisville and Stowe
  • Northeast Kingdom Newport and St. Johnsbury
  • Lake Champlain Valley Burlington and Shelburne
  • Central Vermont Montpelier and Barre
  • Mid Vermont for all Seasons Vergennes and Middlebury
  • Crossroads of Vermont Rutland and Killington
  • Eastern Vermont Gateways Randolp and Woodstock
  • Southern Windsor Country Ludlow and Springfield
  • Green Mountains Manchester and Bennington
  • Southern Vermont Mt. Snow and Brattleboro

Vermont's seasonal sophistication

The state of Vermont is an outstanding place to visit during any season of the year. During the spring months, Vermont car rental customers can enjoy the state's booming maple sugar season, as farmers enter the forests to harvest this sweet, sticky crop. Summer is simply gorgeous in Vermont as tourists take to the local swimming holes with ice cream in their hands. Autumn in Vermont is a great time to gas up your Vermont car rental and see the sights. Everything looks for crisp and clean when the leaves begin to turn. And who could forget about the plethora of winter activities available in Vermont. This state has some of the finest ski resorts in the world, providing amateurs and professionals alike with an opportunity to hit the slopes. There's something for everyone in Vermont, so what are you waiting for? Plan a Vermont car rental vacation today with Sensible/Affordable Car Rentals.

Getting around is easy in Vermont

Finding your way in and out of Vermont is easy thanks to the state's well-maintained network of state highways and two major interstates. If you do run into troubles during your upcoming Vermont car rental vacation simply, stop in at one of the state's official welcome centers. Knowledgeable local volunteers staff these convenient travel centers, ensuring travelers receive the very best information. Welcome centers are located on most of the major highways in Vermont, near the state's borders.

A very vibrant and vivacious time awaits you in Vermont, so viva la vacation! To learn more about Vermont's tourism industry, please feel free to log onto the state's official travel and tourism website at Vermont car rental customers can also contact state travel planners by calling toll free 1-800-VERMONT.