Virginia Car Rental and Virginia Overview

The very best vacation destination in American is - you guessed it, Virginia! Located along the nation's eastern seaboard, the state of Virginia is home to thousands of alternative vacation ideas. Steeped in a rich history, the state of Virginia is the perfect place to begin any education tour of the United States. Named for the Virgin Queen of England and known for giving birth to the nation's largest number of presidents, the state of Virginia is historically speaking, the place to be.

Meet Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful place to visit thanks to the state's stunning collection of beaches, mountains, cities and parks. Unique and sophisticated, Virginia provides visitors with outstanding leisure and business opportunities. A great place to visit regardless of your age, the state of Virginia boasts amusements parks, nightclubs, shopping centers and conservation areas. You name it, Virginia has it. So why waste another vacation traveling through some unknown territory? Plan to visit America's most vibrant state - Virginia.

Resources for Virginia Visitors

Virginia car rental travelers are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources in Virginia, including the state's outstanding collection of visitors' resources. Whether you're traveling around the mountains or through a city, there's a smiling face waiting for you wherever you stop. Virginia car rental customers looking to learn more about the state during their travels are welcome to stop in at any one of the Virginia's convenient Visitor Welcome Centers. Run by Virginia Tourism, these 10 centers are located on the entrances to Virginia's interstate highways. They are open from 8:30am to 5pm, seven days a week. Virginia car rental travelers are also encouraged to stop in at anyone of the local or regional Visitor Centers as well as the larger city Convention & Visitor Bureaus.

The very best awaits you in Virginia

Since the dawning of the American nation, the state of Virginia has provided visitors with an unbelievable look at nationhood and nation building. Nothing much has changed since the Revolution, as Virginians continue to welcome international and national travelers to their shores. Virginia car rental travelers are encouraged to travel from one side of the state to the other during their upcoming adventure, visiting both big and little tourist attractions. Must-visit towns and cities include Virginia Beach, the state's most populous region, Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Virginia is for lovers... and families, and business...

The state of Virginia's slogan was adopted back in 1969, right when the tourism business was just starting to blossom in the state. Today, the state is best known for its romantic getaway packages, as well as its wonderful couple-themed attractions. But what about other Virginia car rental travelers? Is there anything for families or business travelers? Well of course there is! Virginia proudly features some of the finest family oriented vacation attractions in the country, including great educational institutions and historical monuments. Business travelers will also find great resources in Virginia including fantastic restaurants and world-class convention facilities. All types of Virginia car rental travelers can look forward to a wonderful time in this East Coast empire.

Think Virginia sounds like a great vacation fit for you and your friends? Then why wait a minute longer - reserve your Virginia car rental today. If you would like to learn more about the state of Virginia before solidifying your car rental request, simply log onto the official state of Virginia tourism page at Virginia car rental customers can also contact a Virginia travel advisor by calling 1-800-VISIT-VA. Both the website and the telephone number can help connect you and your travel friends to some great area attractions and travel discounts, so don't forget to call or click for more information.