Wisconsin Car Rental and Wisconsin Overview

Are you ready to leave your everyday worries behind? To get out there and try something new? Well if you are, Wisconsin is ready and waiting to help make your dreams come true. This Great Lakes Region state is home to some very exciting alternative vacation ideas, as well as a few American favorites. From yo-yo contests beer breweries to fishing derbies and horse races, there's something for everyone in the state of Wisconsin. The wonders of Wisconsin are sure to delight you and your car rental friends, so why wait another day? Select this unique state as your upcoming travel destination.

The outdoors sure are great in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's landscape, which was largely shaped by the Wisconsin glaciations of the last ice Age, makes the state a popular place for a wide variety of outdoor activities. You and your Wisconsin car rental crew will find all sorts of cool terrain here, ranging from sandy beaches to snowcapped mountains. These natural resources are capable of showcasing any number of outdoor activities including ATV-ing, golfing, hunting, horseback riding and biking to name a few. Fishing is also a popular pastime in Wisconsin, thanks to the state's close proximity to the Great Lakes system. You and you Wisconsin car rental friends could bring home a record-setting catch during a day of fishing in Wisconsin, so why wait? Grab some rods and hit the water today.

Eat, drink and be merry

It doesn't matter whether you're headed to Wisconsin for business or pleasure - either way, you're going to have to stop and eat. And lucky for you, Wisconsin has some of the finest restaurants in existence. From succulent seafood to fresh fruits and vegetables, you won't be disappointed in the food you find here. And what tops a great meal better than a cool, refreshing beverage! The state of Wisconsin is proud to play host to some of the nation's finest breweries, providing Wisconsin car rental visitors with tons of terrific pubs and taverns.

There's never a dull moment in Wisconsin

Wisconsin car rental customers are always on the go when they visit this vibrant state, thanks in part to the regions exciting collection of attractions and amenities. Wisconsin car rental customers will find everything from fairs to festivals in this region, not to mention hundreds of great parks, casinos, theatres and spas. Wisconsin is also home to competitive spectator sports, first-class shopping, thrilling amusement parks and friendly zoos. Boredom is not an option in this energetic state, so get up off that couch and start planning a Wisconsin car rental vacation today.

It might sound random, but to Wisconsinites, it's tradition

Before you can travel to Wisconsin, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly - if someone calls you a cheese head, don't take offense! Wisconsin is commonly referred to as "America's Dairyland" providing much of the nation with its daily dose of calcium. This makes cheese one of their most prosperous exports, not to mention on of their most tastiest. Wisconsin is also known as the "Cooper State" due to the mines located in the northwest part of the state. Another important thing to remember when visiting Wisconsin is to cheer for the Packers. Wisconsinites take their professional football very seriously - cheering for an enemy team, especially the Chicago Bears could result in some uncomfortable situations!

If you're looking for a unique vacation destination, look no further than the state of Wisconsin. Potential Wisconsin car rental customers are encouraged to visit the state's official travel and tourism page for more information on local events and attractions. This website is located at www.travelwisconsin.com. Wisconsin car rental customers can also contact a travel representative by phone at 1-800-432-8747. Wisconsin car rental customers can also stop in at any one of the 10 Welcome Centers located around the state's border.